We are wrapping things up... It's often said that the last 10% is actually the 90%. Well, that's true. We spent a lot of time last week playing with angles to assure that the characters turn correctly, choosing the shortest path and avoiding start spinning like crazy.

We are adding the first sounds to the game and syncronizing with the visual events... steps, hits, water drops, birds... and some other sounds that we are keeping in secret to not spoil the surprise.

There is something more in a game apart of programming, graphics, sounds, music, etc. There are the players... and there is no players if the game pass unnoticed, so we all at "All the leaves are brown"  want to thanks everyone who is reading this, everyone who already have read this and over all to everyone who spreads the word.

We are working hard to make you enjoy this blog and the game when it is ready, and if everything goes well, even more with updates and new content that we already have in mind.

Send us your questions, we'll be more than glad to answer, post your thoughts in this development blog, we want to know what you do you think about this project and tell everyone around you about "The Dark Maze", because a game is nothing without its gamers.
The background for the first levels is ready, so sooner than later will be in Beta. We are thinking about putting more levels in every section, to make the sections longer. At this time you can finish the first 5 levels in about 3 minutes... but perhaps it's just we are too used to run across the levels. Also, in higher levels, with more complicated mazes perhaps it will turn tedious if you get stuck in some maze. We have to test it.

In the meantime, art section goes slow. We are starting to ponder if we should use filtered photos instead of drawings to the cinematic sequences...
More graphics... now we are making the cinematic screens to the story mode. Those will be like a comic that tell us the story (a la Max Payne)

We are working too in the first memory section of the main character. If you don't remember what am I talking about: Every time the main character finds a hidden object in a level, this object triggers a memory portion of something that happens to the main character. When you find all the portions that forms a memory you are awarded with a small flashback that maybe makes you understand what is happening in the maze, who build it and why.

When we finish the cinematic screens, the graphics of the bush section, and the objects you can find, we can start putting all together to make the first chapter of this story!!!
With a playable version, we are feeling more relaxed in the programming section so we center ourselves in the graphic section. We will use 3D objects to represent the tiles that form the maze, switching these objects when you change from one level to another. For example, in the first level you are in a bush maze, so we will use walls with rounded corners to replicate the way these mazes are made. Also we are going to use some objects as atrezzo, diseminated along the maze to provide some clues of the path you made.

Alpha version completed!!! The game now have a splash screen with a fancy torchlight animation, a menu screen where you can select the game and the game itself. In this version you will be a treasure hunter. You have to find the lost treasures of the mazes, one after another, every one bigger than the last resolved. The character now displays animation, there is music for the different screens and it shows orientative messages during the play. The controls now uses a virtual joystick on screen. We are ponderating give this "Treasure Hunt" game as a secret inside the final game.