Who don't like achievements? Everybody loves achievements! And if these achievements unlock new features, much better!

We have the gameplay ready, the music ready, nearly all graphics ready, we lack some sounds here and there... but we are aiming higher. A new game mode that we were going to add later, will ships with the initial release, we are adding a new cinematic scene because the story is gaining importance... so much importance that, depending of your actions inside the maze you can reach different endings. Lastly, we just want to inform you that, as you may guess by the content of this post, we are in schedule and the game will ship on the next weeks.

    We are letting the video do the talk... We will be ready soon!!!!!

Whoa!!! We didn't thought about how much different are the screens of the differents devices!!!

We were always testing on smartphones so we get surprised when we tested the game on a tablet the last weekend. A minor issues in the position of the texts and a small bands in the sides of the images turned into a unreadable texts and images moving in and out of the screen.

We have been working on the issue and now it is corrected, but we have to learn from this and make tests in more different devices to avoid these frights!!!
We take a break in the development diary to congrat our programmer, Víctor Sánchez, for reaching the front page of "" with his entry in the Game Developer Challenge they host.

You can see the entry HERE

Now we are centered in the art section. Specifically music and animation.

In the music hand, we are chosing tracks, cutting, adjusting, looping... In the animation hand we are drawing animations for the main character talking, walking, getting angry, frightening... a crazy amount of frames that are needed even for a few seconds action, but we think it is worth by looking at the final results.

To implement these animations to the game, we are using a layer system, so the animations are divided in "background", "static parts", "moving parts" and "foreground". This allow us to reuse parts of the animations, using different backgrounds or applying different lights without having to have repeated frames where only one thing changed.