We are back from our two-weeks holidays and we are already working in the new content that will be available about the fifteen of September, with new levels, a new game mode, the next chapter in the Vince and April's history and some modifications based on the feedback received.

Also, we have been reviewed in some websites and we reached rank 12 in the Top New list in Google Play Spain!!!!

You can read the reviews here:
Developer's Accomplice
Dark Temple
El Androide Libre

We made it!!! We are in Google Play!!! Thanks to everyone who have been following the development and supporting us since the beggining. It's been a long way to have it done but now we achieve our reward.

But, wait, this is not over! It's just starting. You have the first levels of Vince's adventure in his search for April and the truth inside the maze, but there is much more to come!!!

We, at "All the leaves are brown" will assure that your game last for a long time. Pretty soon you will have the next levels of the story mode, where you will leave the safe hedge maze and face the dangers of the catacomb maze. You better don't leave lighted torches behind you, or you can find some unwanted friends in the new mode: "Flee!"

Till then, enjoy this first levels, find all the memories and playing cards and get used to the safety of the treasure hunt mode.