Inspired by the reading of a videogame's design post, we think we have reached the moment of name the project and think about a general visual style to the game and its UI. After a brainstorming we decided that it is pretty obvious that "maze" or "labyrinth" should be part of the name, and there should be an adjetive that gives some idea of what are you going to find, why this labyrinth game is different of other labyrinth game. Every maze game we spotted are just puzzle games, no adventure, no history and no one use shadows but a dark circular mask, so we can use one of these two features. 

The history mode will not be the only play mode in this game, so we focus in the shadows. The first idea was "Maze of Shadows" but it sounds like you have to do something with shadows, or you will be attacked by shadows, etc. Giving one more twist, the reason why there are shadows is the light and the dark, so we reached "The Dark Maze"

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