We encountered a serious problem... The recursivity levels in Android are very limited and the algorithm that generates the mazes was a recursive one, so we remade it in a iterative fashion. Now it works 100% and can generate mazes the size we want to... or at least of 900 tiles, what gives us a maze surface of 3600 square meters.... not bad, uh? If we want larger mazes we can refine even more, drawing only the tiles around the character, but I don't think we need mazes so big.

The history will be revealed from the main character memories, that he will recover finding elements diseminated in the mazes. We will see what he remembers like we read a comic. At the beginning it is blank and got drawed when you find the correct elements. Every level will be from five to ten mazes, and will draw one page of the comic, plus one page in the ending.

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