Thinking in turning all the game's structure in a Scene2D object. It looks interesting, but breaks with the MVC structure that I was following till now, so I don't think I would do the jump. The next task I've been doing is tweaking with the environment  lights, so I could make a twilight effects and I found I have to use Open GL 2.0 in order to "shade" the color of the textures.

We should be writing the story, but instead we started a discussion about the convenience of make small games to gain experience or don't waste the time and embrace a big personal game with a brand new visual style "never seen before", even if you never reach the finish line, because at least you have been working in something that never been tried before.

The half way look good for me... I think "The Dark Maze" is a small game, but with some twists that will make it unique.

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